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Guinea, Coast, Island, Kids, Dance
West Afrca, Guinea, Coast, Island, Iles De Loos, Beach, Dance
Mohamed Lamine Bangoura, Djembefola, Percussion, West African Drum

Drum and Dance!

Experience the rich vibrancy of Guinean culture, the heart of djembe and dance, with the finest master musicians and dancers.


Traditional style dance and drum classes will not only keep you active and feeling good, but also help you integrate into local culture and customs. The medium of dance and music acts as a common language for which to share and create connection between traveler and locals.

You will learn traditional rhythms and dance from various regions. There will be four classes daily, these classes will vary between djembe, dundun, dance, dundun dance and song. Private classes in the above and also balafon, krin & kora are available for a fee. Class is open to all levels from beginner to experienced students. You will receive personal attention suited to your level. Students will have the chance to observe dundunba ceremonies and visit dance companies in town.

In Guinea culture, music and the arts are a tool for proudly sharing and preserving the history and traditions of this beautiful culture, and is deeply rooted in ritual practices of initiation – a process of bodily experiences and transformation than as a process of intellectual learning.

This cultural immersion experience will give you the opportunity to open your spirit and heart to what to what Guinea culture is really about, “Wontanara, wu mu fatama” a human connectedness in which we exist as whole.  

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