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After School programs & Residences

There is not always much space within the regular school day and in leisure time where students can develop an artistic sensibility, or where students who innately have that sensibility can really shine.  Offering West African movement and musical arts enrichment as part of after school programs or academic year residencies, give children an opportunity to exercise their creative side.  These programs help youth develop their own voices, encourage global and cultural awareness, and practice creative response.  Such programs also provide an opportunity to explore important educational areas that might not be considered a valuable part of standardized academia.  Residencies are available in one of the following, or a combination of the two:

1. West African dance and creative movement
2. West African drumming.
Both offerings incorporate traditional song into the curriculum.

All residencies offer an end of the session performance opportunity,
depending on site availability with participating schools/organizations.
After School, Africa Percussion, Drum, Song, Dance, Afrique Sogue, Mohamed Lamine Bangoua
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