Guinea Trip 2020:

Trip Fee's and costs



  • January 6th - February 7th 2020!

  • Cost = $600/week​
    • 4 weeks = $2,400​
    • 3 weeks = $1,800
    • 2 weeks = $1,200
    • 1 week = $ 600
  • Early Bird Discount! $500/wk if you register before November 1st ​
    • 4 weeks = $2,000
    • 3 weeks = $1,500
    • 2 weeks = $1,000
    • 1 week = $500

  • $350 non-refundable deposit is required at time of registration

  • The remaining payment must be paid 3 weeks prior to arrival in Guinea

This includes:

  • Traditional Drum and Dance Classes

  • Transportation to and from Conakry International Airport

  • Lodging and 3 meals per day

  • Relaxing visits to the beach

  • Visit market places, shop or admire the beautiful work of local artisans

  • Have your own clothes and accessories tailored in local fashions

  • Lessons offered in Guinean ethnic languages

  • Private or specialty classes in music, song, or dance available upon request- (additional small fee)

  • Interact with local community and artists

  • Air ticket, visa, and Yellow Fever fees are to be handled individually  

  • We will walk you through the processes, and are here to answer any questions. 

  • Email us at:

Trip fee does NOT include:

Visa to enter Guinea

Bottled drinking water
Travel insurance

Personal shopping
Any personal or unscheduled travel to markets, cyber cafes, etc.

Passport and Visa

In order to obtain a 3-month tourist visa to enter Guinea, you need a passport, round trip ticket, Yellow Fever Vaccination, 2 passport photos, and a visa application ($100).

Travel requirements:

* A current passport

* A copy of your flight itinerary

* Travel Visa for Guinea

* Proof of Yellow Fever vaccination

* Emergency contact information

All Visa Inquiries are sent to:

Embassy of the republic of Guinea

2112 Leroy place, N.w.

Washington, D.C. 20008

(202) 986-4300

Travel tips:

  • Book your flight early for optimal rates

  • Passports can take up to 12 weeks to process

  • Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required to obtain your Guinea visa, so obtain that first then allow 3 weeks for visa processing.

  • Malaria prevention through medication is advised. We like Malarone, but shop around.

  • Research current exchange rates and bring cash (Checks, CC and ATM’s are NOT widely used in Guinea) Hundred dollar bills are best for exchange rates.

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