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Guinea West African Drum Classes & Workshops!

Enrich your understanding of traditional West African Rhythms with Master Drummer (Djembefola) and artistic director, Mohamed Lamine Bangoura. Lamine has a deep wealth of knowledge & experience; his energy is unique and unparalleled!! Through his music, Lamine's passion for preserving the history and traditions is revealed through his open hearted eagerness to share his culture This is an incredible opportunity to study with this master artist, rounding out your understanding of these complex polyrhythms.


In his mixed level drum workshops you'll glimpse into the true spirit of Africa, from the energetic rhythms to Lamine's heartfelt appreciation for this ancient instrument as a tool for human connection and language.


Join us!!!


Djembe, dundun, sanghban, kenkeni, all welcome!

Djembefola, Mohamed Lamine Bangoua, Guinea, West Africa
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