Precious Drop


An evening length dance, music, & multi-media production

 Precious Drop illuminates our exceedingly variant human relationships to water. Overseen by the omnipotent, pan-cultural water spirit, Mami Wata, a unified tale is revealed, woven of ‘traditional’ African fable and current event that explores this intrinsic and invaluable resource throughout place and time. By way of experiences both mundane and sacred, the journey probes a spectrum of inquiries between abundance and scarcity, reverence and disregard, solution and destruction. In gratitude and celebration for Her bountiful gifts, direction is forged towards a more promising future.


Saturday June 14, 7:00 pm 

Sunday June 15, 2:00 pm

Malonga Casquelourd Theater

1428 Alice Street, Oakland, CA 








Collaborating Artists:

Alseny Soumah/Lahydi

Bu Falle West African Dance & Drum

Chinyakare Ensemble

Diversity in Motion 

Jaara Dance Project

Mha Toure

Mohamed Kouyate

Mory Fofana

Naby Bangoura

Todays Future Sound

Uzo Nwankpa / Uzo Method Project








Presented by Afrique Sogue

Executive Director, Abagail Fritz

Musical & Artistic Director, Mohamed Lamine Bangoura

Artistic Director, Laurel Fanya

Video & Lighting Designer/Technician, Kedar Lawrence

Media Production, Share House Productions




Photography credits: Darren Miller Photography & Ariel Soto-Suver

Sponsored by the Open Circle at the East Bay Community Foundation

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