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Explore Guinea!

Isles de Loos & the island of Fotoba (Tamara)

Drum, dance, and island-hop on a private pirogue (a long narrow canoe) in Guinea’s tropical paradise, the archipelago of Iles de Loos, a group of palm-fringed islands with golden sand beaches and forested bird-filled interiors. located off the Atlantic coast of Guinea's capital city Conakry. 

There are three main islands (and a couple of rocky islets) though only two, Île de Kassa and Île Room, are kitted-out for visitors. You will have the unique opportunity to study on the Iles de Fotoba (Tamara), an island rarely experienced by vistors. 

Discover why many consider the area an inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's novel, "Treasure Island." Once a center for the Atlantic slave trade, today three islands are inhabited and have elementary amenities, while the remaining four are not.


Motor vehicles are not permitted on the islands, but numerous trails provide plenty of hiking. Try the local seafood specialties of this well-known fishing area. 


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Explore  Dubreka!

Dubréka is a historical city 42 km from Conakry, where Mont Kakoulima (from the Sousou word for hungry childs) stands majestically 1007 m above sea level, a marvel of nature. Mount Kakoulima (from the Sousou word for hungry child) is the first big mountain you see when you leave Conakry and is located in the Prefecture de Coyah, Kindia region, Guinea. At the bottom of this relief, near a natural lake turned into a swimming pool, camping, restaurant, shelter and various games have been built. Dubreka ville is home of Les Cascades de Soumba, which features a spectacular waterfall.

Dubreka ville, Les Cascades de Soumba, waterfall.
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